The increased 2023 VA Aid and Attendance amounts for 1/1/2023

The 2023 increase Community Spousal Resource Allowance (CSRA) for Single or Married to qualify for Aid and Attendance is now $150,538.00.  Example if you make $2,000 a month gross income – $24,000.00 annually – You subtract $24,000 from $ 150,538.00 equals $126,538.00.  This is what you can have in assets and qualify for Aid and Attendance with checking and saving.  Remember Stocks, bond, CDs, Mutual funds, IRAs, Life Insurance with Cash value, or any other taxable income is not allowed. 

The increase for monthly/annually benefits is as following:

Two Veterans/Spouses   $3536 per month – $42,432 annually

 Married Veteran              $2642 per month – $31,713 annually

 Single Veteran                   $2229 per month – $26,751 annually

Widow                                  $1432 per month – $17,191 annually

We continue to have Family Training the first and third Wednesday of every month for education on Medicare, Medi-Cal and VA.  How do you use one or more the public benefits?  This seminar is FREE and there are no insurance products or financial product part of the training.  Plan now and don’t wait for the crisis.  Learn how to protect your retirement nest egg.     Go to and register for the next Family Training or call 916-524-5151 to talk VA Accredited Claim’s Agent. 

Just a reminder, it is STILL illegal to charge to assist Veterans, Widows of War Veteran, and their families with their VA Applications.  Many families are report and experiencing unqualified people charging $3000 to $10,000 to have application completed. 

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