Pre-Planning VS Catastrophe

Our aging population is growing at such a rate that our systems will not be able to handle this influx.  We hear from the adult children that “They never saw this coming”, when the disaster strikes their parents. “They are independent and I didn’t think it was our business to get involved.”  Then, when the parent(s) are at the hospital, for what ever reason, the fear of what’s next and how much will this cost them can be overwhelming to say the least. 

With our seniors living longer there are two things that our aging population worry about: (1)  Will I run out of money before I die? (2) Will I be a burden to my children? 

The last three years of their life is the most expensive.  They tried to save and hope they have done everything by pre-planning.  Most the time they do pretty good, however, most don’t plan nor even want to talk about it.  Many adult children are retiring from years of working to find themselves in a new career of CAREGIVING for their parents.  It’s a full-time job and most are ill prepared for the duties and everything that goes along with taking care of Mom or Dad. 

We had disastrous fires in Northern California that hit families like they had never seen.  The majority lost it all.  Most made it out with the shirt on their back and their pets.  Starting over will take years and many of them don’t have the years nor the time to re-build.  Now what?  How will they finish the last chapter of their life? 

We hear that Medicare and Medi-Cal are programs that are being looked closely at by our government.  Both of these programs are the life of our senior population.  Without these benefits many would be homeless, could not afford medications, and families can’t help.  Many of the family members are on state assistance also.  Forward thinking and getting educated is the KEY to your future.  This is peace of mind for our aging parents and adult children.  Having a plan that includes legal, financial, health advisers, and advocates is so crucial.  Protecting the savings and stretching dollars is the key. 

Pre-planning for contingency is always good idea as who knows what tomorrow brings.  Having professional and experienced advisers is so valuable.  Aging parents didn’t come with a manual therefore, throwing darts at a board hoping it hits the Bull’s Eye is not a good plan.  No matter where you are in this aging process, you need your assets protected.  Having a Plan, A, B, and C is a must.  Don’t let disaster dictate your future.  Attend our FREE seminar for the answers to your questions.  Register and get the updated information.  Learn more at:

Helen Justice, GCM

VIP Concierge Care Manager