VA In Home Care FAQ

Do You Know Veterans Who Need Help At Home?
Do you know Veterans of any age who need help with bathing, grooming, making meals, toileting, running errands, light house cleaning, and transportation to stay independent at home or in their assisted living apartment/room? Are you aware that the VA will pay a VA contracted home care agency to provide 20 hours per week of home care aide services to these Veterans – via the little-known VA Homemaker Program? Even pay family member to care for the Veteran (however, not the spouse)?

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Can Family Members Provide The Care?
This program allows a VA contracted home care agency to hire the Veteran’s non-spouse family member/friend as a W-2 employee. That family member/friend can then get paid ($13 – $20/hour) to provide the aide care to the Veteran. 

However, the reality is that most VA contracted home care agencies will not hire the Veteran’s family/friend as they feel they are taking on unnecessary workers compensation and HR risks with an “untrained” employee.

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