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Why do you need an “Elder Care Navigator”? -Special Guest Helen Justice

Welcome to “Live With the Dementia Whisperer”!

Today we will be discussing some of the many obstacles you may be facing as you continue on your elder care and dementia care journey-whether as a professional caregiver or a family member.

 To help us learn more about successfully navigating this journey, we will be learning today about much more than just dementia care as we speak with our guest, Helen Justice, known by many as “The Elder Care Navigator”, Helen Justice is a Certified Geriatric Care Manager and CEO of Advanced Wellness GCM, Inc. Helen is trained to assist elders and their families with the process of aging with dignity and grace.  Her knowledge and experience insures elders obtain quality care and transitional preparation for their future.  More important than the financial aspect of aging is the social and emotional component that elder care places on the family. Helen runs no fee monthly seminars in Roseville, CA to educate seniors and their families about everything related to aging and care. She also has a free video introduction;  video and monthly email tips; and you can sign up online for those or her informative seminars at:


And in our “News and Views in the World of Dementia” segment, we will be discussing research findings about Alzheimer’s drugs and drug trials that have been, so far, failing miserably.


This  live broadcast occured Friday January 19th at 4pm PST


We look forward to hearing from you, thank you all for allowing The Dementia Whisperer to share your dementia journey…