Category: Assisted Living

Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care as an Alternative to In-Home Care When your mother, father or grandparent starts to age, he or she may develop mental or physical problems that prevent them from being left alone. Dementia is the leading cause of loss of cognitive function and leaves your aging family member vulnerable to harming themselves because …

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Medical Aspects of Caregiving

Encouraging routine physical examination As a caregiver, you are in a position to help your care-receiver along the road to good health care by encouraging routine physical examinations. You are valuable in helping the care-receiver talk to their doctors and other medical personnel. You can follow through with their medical treatment at home.   However, …

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Home, the Desired Setting for Elder Care

Most of those receiving long-term care and most caregivers prefer a home environment.  Out of an estimated 10 million older Americans receiving care, about 7 million are in their own home or the home of a family member or friend. The National Association for Home Care & Hospice reports that over 12 million individuals currently …

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