Advance Directives for young adults

A common misconception is that advance directives are only for the elderly or sickly people. Many people falsely believe that advance directives are only needed as we age and start having health problems.

That could not be further from the truth. Everyone over 18 should have advance directives.

Why? Accidents and emergencies happen every day. It’s better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario than to be caught unprepared.

It becomes an important issue for parents as they prepare to send their offspring to college. Advance directives should be an essential part of planning for college and adulthood.

Without the proper planning and directives, parents can face a difficult situation if their children are sick or injured. For example, the hospital may refuse to release information because there is no healthcare surrogate on file. Or worse, care may be postponed because there was no authorized person to make critical healthcare decisions.

You never want to be in a situation where the health of your loved ones is hanging in the balance because no advance directives are giving the hospital permission to treat or release information.

If you have a child going away to college or recently became an adult, contact our office to discuss having a set of advance directives prepared for your new young adult.

We specialize in educating and helping you protect what you have for the people you love the most. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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