Is your loved one caught in a sweetheart scam?

The number of scammers and wrongdoers in our world who prey on the elderly is quite shocking. According to the AARP, scams against the elderly are at an all-time high.

We often hear about tax scams, credit card scams, and other frauds committed against the elderly, but what happens when your loved one’s heart is being scammed?

Loneliness and fear can often make our elderly loved ones susceptible to abuse and scams. Especially in the case of widows, adjusting to life alone can be pretty difficult. Unfortunately, these difficulties can cause our loved ones to “let their guard down” and become easy prey for ill-intentioned people.

More often lately, we hear of older adults getting scammed out of their life savings by people who pretend to fall in love with them. Sadly, our loved ones are so blinded by their loneliness and desperation that they fail to see the hidden agendas of these dangerous vultures.

If you suspect that your loved one may have fallen victim to a sweetheart scam, you must act immediately but with compassion. There are steps to be taken to protect your loved ones and their finances, but you should not navigate it on your own.

Instead, you should enlist the help of local law enforcement (if you believe laws are being broken) and local elder abuse services. Further, you should enlist the help of an Elder Law attorney to help protect against future damage.

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