Will my ex control our child’s inheritance?

After a marriage ends, everyone has to adapt to a new way of life. For many going through the divorce process, their main concerns are focused on the “here and now.” Many are fighting over finances to make ends meet; some are fighting custody battles, and some are fighting both.

Once court orders are signed and the dust begins to settle, many people focus on moving forward and getting on with their lives. They would rather not continue thinking about the divorce’s legal logistics.

Yet, within a relatively short period, it will cross a new divorcee’s mind “Will my ex get my assets if I die and leave it all to our children?”

The answer depends on your circumstances and how your estate plan is set up. For example, do you have a Will or a Trust? Are your children minors or adults? Will a Guardianship or Conservatorship be necessary?

The best answer regarding how your ex will be involved is to consult an attorney. If you are newly divorced or never updated or executed an estate plan following your divorce, you will want to discuss with them how to ensure that your assets are handled how you want them to be.

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